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Working Trials


Training activities across LDTC Obedience, Agility, Ringcraft, Scentwork and Working Trials remain suspended until further notice due to the pandemic and the various restrictions imposed.

Please monitor our website and social media for any further updates.

Importance Notice Updated 8th September 2020

Working Trials Training is still suspended. The officers and committee are working extremely hard in the background keeping up to date with the prevalence of the virus, the ever changing government advice and protocols. As soon as any relevant updates are available in respect to training resuming an announcement will be made. Thank you for your understanding.

Importance Notice Updated 4th September 2020

LDTC Training across all sections of the Club remains suspended until further notice. The Committee are constantly monitoring the situation and as soon as we have any information to report in respect to the return of some form of training in the future, this will be posted on the club website and Facebook page.

Please also see the latest Kennel Club Press Release (26/06/20)

Press Release click here

Important Notice: Working Trials Championship Trial: Updated 1 September 2020

Leamington's working trials committee have made the decision to cancel the championship working trial in November due to the current pandemic. We do not feel it's fair to put the judges, helpers & competitors at risk at this time.

Working Trials Section

Working Trials are a competitive sport based on the civilian equivalent of police dog work. They develop and test many canine skills - obedience and control, intelligence and independence, searching and tracking, agility and fitness. Trials are physically demanding for both dog and handler, but are also great fun and extremely rewarding.

Working Trials tests are broken down into three main sections:

1. Nosework

Nosework comprises search and track exercises. The dog follows a track laid by a 'tracklayer' (who is a stranger to the dog) walking a set pattern designed by the judge and identical for each dog. The track is approximately half a mile long and laid on grassland, arable fields or heathland with each competitor working on similar terrain to others in the stake.

As the dog follows the track it has to seek out and recover articles placed along the track by the tracklayer. The track is laid at different times, before the dog work begins, depending on the level of the competition. The other component of nosework is 'search' where the dog has to search for and retrieve articles placed in a marked area.

2. Agility

To test its agility, the dog must clear three obstacles - a three foot hurdle, a six foot high wooden scale and a nine foot long jump. Two attempts may be permitted for each obstacle.

3. Control

There are various exercises in this section which are detailed below:

Heelwork - the dog must walk with its shoulder reasonably close to the handler while the handler navigates their way around people and obstacles at different speeds.

Sendaway - involves sending the dog away across a minimum distance of 50 yards, the handler will then redirect the dog through a series of commands. Retrieving a Dumbbell - the dog must retrieve a dumbbell which has been thrown by the handler.

Down Stay - the dog must stay in the down position while the handler is out of sight for a period of time.

Steadiness to Gunshot - the dog is tested on its reactions to gunshot. The dog will be penalised if it shows any signs of fear or aggression.

Speak - the dog is ordered to "speak" and cease "speaking" on command by the handler with a minimum of commands and/or signals.